Our Products

Harris Stock is an upmarket product made with fresh and 100% organic ingredients for just in time delivery and use. 

Harris Cooking Stocks have changed the market for liquid stock. 

We are the only cooking stocks in New Zealand made with organic ingredients.

Our Story

  We started the company because you couldn’t buy good stock in New Zealand. They used to have some at the West Lynn Organic Butcher up the road near where I lived in Auckland but they stopped producing it. I offered to make it for them and Harris Stock grew from there.

We have never wanted to compete on volume with the big boys. We just want to make the best. We make the kind of stock that good home cooks would make for themselves.. Mitch Harris.

Our Mission

Harris Stock believes in using good quality cooking stocks. We want to create a better understanding of how stocks  enhance cooking. 

Our philosophy is that if we just concentrate on making great cooking stocks then the rest of the business will look after itself.

Customer Reviews :

John, Dunedin.

" I love the entire line of harris stocks, it is real good quality cooking stocks. Not to salty either. Worth a try.!! "

Dan Williams, Auckland.

"I am not usually the type to get excited about things like this, but I cannot get over how good this is. I'm hooked!"

Tanya, Wellington.

"I used the mass-market version of this product for years, but the flavors that are available here made it an easy choice to buy. I love the variety!"